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“Lightning never travels in straight repetitive lines. It breaks out
suddenly. Even an apparent ‘silence’ is not a retreat, but the calmness
before the storm…”


The imprisoned members of the R.O. CCF

A flame of solidarity from the C.C.F. to the brothers and sisters in Chile

Forever free

Forever anarchists.

Long live the FAI / IRF

The imprisoned members C.C.F.
And the anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Greece: Letter by the Imprisoned Members Cell of the R.O. CCF regarding the new investigations by prosecutors

Translated by sysifus/Actforfreedomnow! together with ContraInfo With respect and solidarity

Letter from the imprisoned members of the CCF on the new prosecutions
The choice of claiming responsibility and not capitulation
We as Conspiracy of Cells of Fire-imprisoned members, chose and claimed responsibility from inside the prison for our participation in our project. The responsibility claim is the least way to defend and honour the most beautiful acts that we share. Not as a memory that fades away after our arrests but as a living reality and prospect of carrying on our actions in the continuous present, the here and now.
We believe that the responsibility claim and the words we express through this contribute decisively to the intensification of anarchist action. It is an open offence towards the apologetic low-key stance that the prosecutors and interrogaters wanted to extract from us. This attitude reveals the existence of two different worlds. A world of power on one side and on the other the world of anarchy, which are in perpetual war with each other. The responsibility claim in no way constitutes a self-referential choice, but is a conscious extension of the way someone lives as an anarchist urban guerilla.
It is also a signal, a connection with the comrades from outside. An answer to the question that has never been asked. That some choices of battle are worth fighting for despite their cost. It’s a way to publicly defend the action, the path and our experience directly and openly. It is an individual existential mutiny in captivity which inevitably meets with the collective process of the attempted destruction of modern civilization. We do not believe that the responsibility claim is a sacrifice in the name of an idea; on the contrary, it is the idea that is sacrificed off the field of inoffensive symbolisms to its transformation into praxis.

From the beginning of our actins we have left the syndrome of fear of arrest and prison out of our baggage. We know that captivity is often a temporary station in the path of an anarchist urban guerrilla. So we left all legal inhibitions and hesitations behind us, remaining unrepentant in our choice. The choice of guerrilla action and the spreading of anarchy. On the contrary surrender and defeat does not dwell in us even for a moment. We never bowed and will never bow our heads to interrogators and judges. So this is why by refusing so much to appear either in the interrogating agencies as well as the courtrooms, whether with our refusal to appear or with our absolutely offensive presence, we abolish the language of laws, of compromise and capitulation. Besides, it is contradictory to say the least to respect laws after one has passionately declared absolute war against power and its culture of law.

Even when the enemy has no evidence against us, as in the case of the 250 C.C.F. Attacks, not a word of apology, nor any evidence of innocence or alibis will be obtained from us.
It is a fact that all the investigating authorities have in their hands is the responsibility claim that we made of our participation in the conspiracy. Besides, the practice and strategy of every conspiratorial group of anarchist direct action is to not leave behind ‘incriminating’ evidence, only traces and fire that carve an indelible scar on the face of the world of exploitation, hypocrisy and isolation

II) Let’s attack the managers and superiors of this civilisation.

This is what power wants to hit. The decision of some people to not kneel before the world of idols. In the world of dead objects, TV screens, advertising messages, police batons, prisons. In order to hit this choice, fear must win. Fear of arrest, prison, death. Judges, prosecutors and interrogators are working day and night for this dictatorship of fear. At the same time all of them want to represent the anarchist urban guerilla and the fighting groups and promote them as caricatures of misery and power sickness. Thus, they assign certain indictments to comrades as instigators or with managerial positions. But an anarchist group is not contaminated by the poison of power. There are neither leaders nor followers. There are only free autonomous individuals who put their hostility to this rotten system into practice. Pure strong action like the fire that burns inside us. If prosecutors and interrogators have learned to follow the orders of their political superiors, they must know that an untamable spirit does not take orders from anyone and does not give his conscience a boss. If they are looking for managers, ‘instigators’ or agents, let them look in the mirror. An anarchist collective has no centralized hierarchical structure. It acts through horizontal assemblies with mutiny as its compass. Specifically, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire is a network of autonomous cells which works feverishly for the destruction of the authoritarian world. This is our wager and we will never give up.

III) The fire continues to burn inside us – the wager of FAI / IRF

A wager that we never abandoned, also inside the prisons where we are right now. We remain alive without bowing to discipline in our punitive transfers in which they take their revenge in the special conditions that they try to impose on us. We keep the passion for freedom inextinguishable and relive even for a moment in the beauty of a small guerrilla action such as the moments that we experienced in our recent escape attempt. The war we have declared on power knows no truce. This frightens the enemy, who tries to silence us in every way. That there are repeated prosecutions brought against us even for a text written in prison is not accidental. The fact that the State is even afraid of our words, gives us new strength, new smiles. Because it means that our words are escaping from the cells of captivity and meeting new comrades seeking to plan their own battles against power.

At the same time our mutiny is associated with the FAI international conspiracy (Informal Anarchist Federation) promoting the prospect of an international revolutionary front. Messengers of chaos send from everywhere their messages of insubordination through fire, explosions and vandalism, eliminating the takeover of power in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, England, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, in Russia and anywhere the projects of FAI / IRF are spreading. The F.A.I. is an invitation to think, talk, express our desires, exist as free and autonomous individuals, not as shadows of a sad imitation of ourselves hostage to the conventions and constraints of power. Conspiring against the State means I breathe freely. Every day in our insubordination, in prison, in anarchist illegality, in our subversive plans, in our stormy discussions, our noisy actions, in our explosive feelings we conquer more breaths of freedom. The support and promotion of the projects of the FAI / IRF is the unrepentant choice to continue to live passionately and subversively cutting once and for all the bridges of a return to the normality of a quiet peaceful and law-abiding life.
In this frantic course, there can be no illusions. It is expected that the opponent makes up their own plans as well. It paves the way for its counter-attack at the communication and militaristic level. The retaliation of the repression is organizing to consolidate fear inside subversive circles.

IV. The coordinated and orchestrated anti-anarchist campaign, which was launched in September 2009 with the first arrests against the CCF, is not yet a closed case.

In the last two and a half intervening years a lot has happened. For every blow that the Conspiracy was making, the Anti-Terrorist Unit was inventing a new arrest. How many people were detained and photographed for headlines and news bulletins, until it was finally proven that they had nothing to do with our case… Who can forget the arrest of fans of AEK’s football team who carried petards, which was featured as the arrest of members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire? The State has declared a regime of emergency against the circles of subversive anarchy. But the regime of an ‘emergency status’ marks the death of reason. A typical example of this is the recent media manipulation, on the State’s part, of a time-delay incendiary device’s placement in an empty subway car. Apart from how this action was distorted, in order to construct new phobic syndromes in regards to the new urban guerrilla warfare, two wanted anarchist revolutionaries, G.M. and D.P., were singled out and then named as this hit’s perpetrators. The paradox in this case is that the anti-terrorist wizards themselves declare they have no evidence whatsoever (DNA, surveillance cameras, fingerprints, eyewitness testimonies) against the two comrades, nevertheless are sure of their involvement. This is the trans-evolution of the ‘scientific’ inquiries by the Anti-Terrorist Unit. The certainty of cops alone will suffice for some people’s ‘culpability’. So, now the players are known and the deck is marked. It is no coincidence that a few days later a new circle of investigations began regarding the 250 attacks of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, for which also the wanted comrades G.M. and D.P. have been summoned. At the same time, the renowned inquisitors Mokkas and Baltas call along with us also all those who have been accused for the Conspiracy’s case, although they bear no relation to the organization.
This is the culmination of the State’s machinated anti-anarchist operation, which arrested persons on grounds unrelated to the Conspiracy, and still presents them as members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, in order to prolong their hostage situation.

In short, the Conspiracy serves the interrogators as the sinker for new prosecutions, which submerges irrelevant cases and rebaptizes them as ‘participation in a terrorist organization’.
This tactic bears similarities that are strongly reminiscent of the case of the Italian phantom organization O.R.A.I., which was invented by the renowned prosecutor Marini; an organization which, in this specific case, even though it did not exist, became the alibi of the prosecuting authorities for a series of prosecutions and imprisonments against insurrectionary comrades.

At our end, we do not intend to concede even the slightest suspicion of retreat and ceasefire to the interrogators. We remain unrepentant, increasing the density of the collision.

‘We’re not retreating, we stand firm; we’re not trying, we can; we’re not begging, we rob; we’re not extinguishing, we burn; we’re not anticipating, we look forward. The Conspiracy will never be arrested because it’s not simply an organization, but rather a stream of ideas, and ideas are always elusive. The day isn’t yet marked on the calendar. All months, all weeks, all days are always available. A day will be marked with a smile, the smile of meeting again for the continuation of OUR adventure…’

Imprisoned Members Cell of
the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire


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Our Lives of Burning Vision – About the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire & more


Actforfreedomnow – Bourbouras present a 68 page publication about the most recent situations and events connected with the Revolutionary Organisation Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and their 17 January International Solidarity Call for an International Revolutionary Front / Informal Anarchist Federation (Global).

Free PDF – Paper copies available in single copies or bundles (10x = £20 + postage) from 325.nostate.net or from the radical distros which carry 325 magazine. Benefit for CCF prisoners and accused of the same case – Nonprofit.

“In the chaos of our own existence we are a part of the imponderable element which organizes subversion, plans mutinies, that leave even ourselves dazed. The translation of texts, letters, communiqués, etc. so that comrades in other countries around the world can read about the desires and ideas and projectuality of the comrades in Greece, is one more weapon at our disposal. What began as a simple desire and a challenge, has brought us into a new field of experiences, acquaintances and responsibilities. Now that we’re here, they will not get rid of us easily.
We have become another aspect of the asymmetric threat. The war to the end, has already begun. …”

This is why, as individuals with our actions and solidarity, we will continue with all means possible as anarchist revolutionary insurrectionalists, to express our thoughts and desires, whether it’s through the letters-texts of our fighting comrades who are hostages in the hell-holes of Greek democracy or through the actions of the comrades outside in the streets day and night with all means untilsocial liberation for Anarchy.

Actforfreedomnow - Boubouras

March 2011
From the introduction by Actforfreedomnow – Bourbouras.

A huge storm of revolt raged through the streets of Greece in December 2008. After the 15 year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos was murdered in coldblood by a cop, riots spread throughout the whole country for several weeks. Hundreds of corporate and government targets were attacked, plundered and set on fire. Although it was anarchists and anti-authoritarians who took the lead in this storm during the first week after the murder, it spread itself fast and many people got involved in this revolt against miserable living conditions, against the authorities and against the hopelessness offered by this world to the exploited and oppressed. But the revolt didn’t cease at the end of 2008, neither did it start on the day of the murder. The attacks against the structures of State and Capital went on and spread to several smaller towns in Greece.

About 180 fire attacks and, since a couple of months, artisan [‘homemade’] bombing attacks were carried out under the name of ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’. The attacks targeted banks, car dealers, shopping centres, governmental institutions, police stations, offices of political parties, houses of politicians, judges, criminologists, journalists, private security firms and companies building prisons,… and always accompanied by elegantly critical and nihilistic claims of anarchist responsibility.

The claims did not only criticize Capital, State and Authority (in all of their aspects), but also the resignation of the exploited, their herd mentality, their collaboration with the system. The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) refuse to regard oppression and exploitation as simply being imposed by batons and blackmail, but understand it as a social relation in which all have their responsibility –and make or don’t make the choice to fight against it.

In September 2009 extensive anti-terror raids attempted to strike the CCF, these raids became one more political tool to attack the wider anarchist & anti-authoritarian movement, a situation which intensified when two members of the CCF were captured during an operation in November 2010, Athens. Against the ongoing legalistic kidnapping of our comrades and for the escalation of struggle for total liberation, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire : Illegal Sector called for an informal global project based on anarchist subversion, direct action and international solidarity. These papers document some of the many communiques, letters and legal & court updates concerning the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the accused comrades of the same case, plus solidarity actions resulting from the call for a formation of an Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front.

Whilst this publication can of course only offer a partial view upon the situation and topics, it is produced in the spirit of rebellion which fuels the total war against domination. It is an unfinished document that seeks collaboration through acts of refusal. The international call which has been circulated for the subversive formation of an International Revolutionary Front / Informal Anarchist Federation (Global), which is based on the principles of international solidarity, permanent subversion and constant conflict should be discussed, debated and acted upon without delay.

Dedicated to:






Anonymous Editions / Anti-Copyright Network
March 2011 / NET-DIY



Solidarity to all those persecuted for the Conspiracy Cells of Fire case who are on trial since 17/1 in Koridallos prisons(greece)

“Paths change, times change,

Ways change, but the aim is the same.

This is our fate, to fight and resist.

To fight and fall down, to fall down and win.”

Solidarity to all those persecuted

for the Conspiracy Cells of Fire case

who are on trial since 17/1 in Koridallos prisons


"Reventando lo existente. Reflexiones del combate minoritario" – Book in Spanish about the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Libro. Reventando lo existente,reflexiones del combate minoritario: Conspiración de Células del Fuego. Grecia.

In view of the trial that began on January 17 and for a better dissemination of ideas of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, a book is being published in Spanish, first in digital pdf format.

The book is called "Reventando lo existente. Reflexiones del combate minoritario"

(Destroying the existent. Reflections on minority struggle) and contains a chronology of the Halandri case, all the statements ofthe prisoners (Massouras, Hadtzimihelakis, Karakatsani, Tsakalos,Argirou), the chapter "Critique and contributions" (the statement

"The interpretations they give, time to talk about their aspirations," chapters 3 and 4 of the brochure "Conspiracy Theories ", thetext of G. Voutsis Vogiatzis
pages from "The Diary of a bomber" and the letter that Poly Georgiadis wrote to the Conspiracy ofCells of Fire) and all communiques and texts of the Conspiracy.

The back cover carries a famous phrase of the English poet
William Blake: He who desires but, actsnot, breeds pestilence."

our revolutionary solidarity comrades!
translate actforfreedomnow!

Mad arson attacks for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

Athens, Greece

The communique spontaneously combusted shortly after appearing:

“Saturday night 15/1 and Sunday 16/1 we torched:
- bank of Proton Bank in Vironas area
- Local organization of PASOK (ruling party) in Moshato,
- Two vehicles of a security company in Gizi,
- Personal motorbike of a cop who lives in Exarchia (Asimaki Fotila street).

We dedicate these actions to our imprisoned comrades accused in the case of the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” and tried as of today in the political court marshal in Koridallos prison. Three of those have taken the political responsibility for the organization, while the others deny their participation, but keep intact their rebelliousness and dignity. We pledge that we will not leave any imprisoned revolutionary alone. These violent acts of resistance are not only fair, but also the duty of every person who puts themselves against a world where exploitation and injustice reign and money is in charge. The individual agreements and disagreements are to be discussed; what is non-negotiable is: solidarity between individuals and groups who are fighting for freedom in every way and with any means. Also, towards the new treaty that criminalizes social, political and personal relationships (like in the case of the notorious “safehouse” of Halandri, but recently the case of the four comrades wanted for arson in Thessaloniki), we respond with even more rage and anger, more litres of petrol and butane bottles. Of course, we do not forget the famously disgusting minions of the system, the journalists, who for a salary and a career, mock and step on the freedom and the dignity of our comrades, repeating the lies of the police and presenting various scenarios of their imagination; to try, condemn and destroy lives and reputations, before “civil justice” does it officially. They should know that on this side of the war, memory and honour is in excess, and sooner or later they will pay for the dirty role they have chosen in life.

Finally, we want to say that we chose to act on this theoretically “tough” weekend before the beginning of the trial, when the police have unleashed their obvious and also hidden running dogs, in fear of a new armed attack, to break in this way the terror and fear that the State attempts to impose on society and on people who are fighting. As long as the State is unable to mend the holes of a system that’s collapsing, the noose will tighten and the measures will intensify. We must stand strong and act with all our power, until the Revolution and Liberation, social and individual.

Freedom to H.Hadjimihelakis, P. Argirou, G.Tsakalos who have taken the political responsibility for the “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” and P.Massouras, K.Karakatsani, A.Mitrousias, G.Karagiannidis who are imprisoned for the same case.

Solidarity to all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries.
Struggle by any means – Revolution First and Always.

Wolves of Solidarity”

Bombing at police station in Mexico State

Bombing at police station in Mexico State
Direct solidarity with Panayiotis Argyrou, Gerasimos Tsakalos, and the others charged with being members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy in Greece, who are now on hunger strike: Antisocial, nihilist, and anarchist until the end! —Earth Liberation Front (Informal Anarchist Federation/Global Network) clik n foto to read...

solidarity attacks for the greek comrades in trial for the connspiracy of Cells of Fire case.2011


Arson of security vehicle in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Bristol (UK)
Attack in Bristol for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (UK)

Attack in Bristol for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (UK)
“In the early morning of 17 January, two telecommunications utilities vehicles, of British Telecom, were set on fire in Bristol.This attack was made in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all those who are fighting inside and outside the prison walls.We denounce the trial against the accused and imprisoned of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. We denounce all trials, refusing to recognise the authority of the State and its judicial apparatus.

We send comradely greetings to the imprisoned cell of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and say that we recognise ourselves, our actions and our ideas in a common project of destruction.We salute all rebellious and revolutionary prisoners and all people rising up against capitalism and the State.

Long Live Anarchy!

For an international informal anarchist federation. “
17 January Group

Arson of security vehicle in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Bristol (UK) 15 January 2011

“Early hours of saturday morning security and surveillance van set on fire in solidarity with members of conspiracy cells of fire group who face trial in Greece on monday the 17th.”

Solidarity with Cells of Fire

solidarity attacks for the greek comrades in trial for the connspiracy of Cells of Fire case.2011

London UK - Solidarity attack on Barclays Bank, Dulwich FROM www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2011/01/472295.html17 January 2011 - Solidarity attack. Barclays Bank, Dulwich, London got a visit early this morning just after midnight - a gift - can of petrol - left at the entrance - in flames - a small attack on the banking system -
in solidarity to the Greek comrades in court today 17 January for the start of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire trial.

midnight express

İstanbul, Turkey (16.01.2011) - In the night of 16th of January 2011 at 7 p.m. against the biggest one of the shopping centers in Istanbul, Cevahir AVM, there was an attack with fireworks.

The 4 of the exploded 7 fireworks hit the entrance and the windows of shopping center. While fireworks begin to explode, there had been no injury except a little bit panic.

While the banks, shopping centers, fasfoods and other part of the consuming culture reduce imagination and free time to shit and debt, while our planet began to unliveable because of the consumption and commodification, we see a little art-sabotage not inappropriate.

The actions that we took like this is for solidarity with our comrades who are now in hostages in Greece dungeons and with Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

Insurrectionary greetings


Source: http://istanbul.indymedia.org/news/2011/01/270789.php